Founder | Lead Wordsmith: Yashmin Ismail
With a degree in marketing and an NCTJ diploma in journalism, as well as a penchant for the considered word, Copy Creative was born in 2000.

Having worked in a number of related fields, my diversified background has allowed me to gain expertise in a few key areas, enabling me to produce authoritative content in each while nurturing cross-platform communication skills that are second to none.

Having travelled extensively, I have been lucky enough to attend many of the major events across the globe; I have explored the most remote and wonderful places, drawing inspiration wherever I go.

I have written, produced and presented my own online wellbeing TV series, and was a pioneer in introducing such content to the web – in partnership with the UK’s first online TV channel.

I thoroughly enjoy working with luxury brands and undertaking lifestyle coverage. That said, with an investigative mind, steep innate learning curve and broad range of interests, nothing is too technical or out of reach for this lateral thinker; I am quick to adapt to new material/markets: Born ready.

With a keen eye for detail, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and ethos to over deliver, I always go the extra mile to ensure my clients are completely satisfied. Drawing from my eclectic range of work and life experience, I can bring a fresh and unique quality to copy.